Ten Simple Steps to Access a Concealed Toilet Cistern

Ten Simple Steps to Access a Concealed Toilet Cistern – Easy Maintenance

At first look, it seems impossible to access a concealed toilet cistern. But What will you do if the hidden toilet tank overflows? Or would it not stop flushing? If you do not have access, how do you fix them? We will answer these and other questions in this post and provide some helpful maintenance advice. It is DIY time, so get your tools ready and be patient.

Before getting started, it is vital to note that it is always good to hire a professional plumber if you are not confident in your DIY plumbing capabilities.

Table of Contents

  • Getting to Know Everything About Concealed Toilet Cistern
  • Ten Steps to Access the Concealed Toilet Cistern
  • Maintenance of Concealed Toilet Tank
  • How to Assemble Concealed Toilet Tank
  • Toilet Plumbing Tips

What is a Concealed Toilet Cistern, and How Does It Work?

A concealed toilet tank is hidden behind a wall or within a piece of furniture. Because all you see above the toilet is a flush plate, the concealed cistern saves space and is visually appealing. Now let us find out out how to access it.

Ten Steps to Access the Concealed Toilet Cistern

There are numerous toilet-unit brands available, each with its own set of functions. Getting inside their hidden cisterns, on the other hand, usually follows the same set of guidelines. You may only need a screwdriver and a little patience to complete this exercise. To get to a hidden toilet cistern, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find the push button on the toilet cistern.

Step 2: Lift the cover plate slightly and remove it. Try pushing the bottom while rotating the higher edge towards you if it is leveled with the wall. There may be air hoses linked to the buttons, so proceed with extreme caution. Carefully disconnect the hoses.

Step 3: Be careful while removing the flushing rods located at the cistern frame’s center. It will work if you rotate them anti-clockwise and gradually pull them backward.

Step 4: To open the frame, manually unfasten any plastic nuts. If fasteners are present, use the appropriate screwdriver according to the type of bolts.

Step 5: A debris plate may be present in some concealed cisterns as protection against waste. Locate and press the hooks to remove them.


Step 6: Turn the isolation valve, which typically has a blue, yellow, or red handle. This will restrict the flow of cold water.

Step 7: Drain any water that is currently in the tank. Locate the little button on the lower parts of the syphon bracket mechanism and lift it out.

Step 8. Turn the water hose away from the float valve with your hands. It is pretty simple because those are generally equipped with a seated O-ring. Do not exert excessive pressure on the O-ring.

Step 9: Locate and push a lever on the back of the float valve to free it from the backplate.

Step 10: Finally, press the back of the syphon unit’s lever. Turn around and carefully remove the syphon from the cistern.

That is exactly what should happen. If you accomplished all the preceding instructions successfully, you should now have access to your built-in toilet tank. It is now time to perform some routine maintenance and, of course, reassemble your toilet tank.

Maintenance of Concealed Toilet Tank

  • It’s time to put everything back together after a thorough internal cleaning of your concealed cistern. Simply follow the steps outlined below to put together your tank in no time.
  • Return the syphon to its original location with caution. When you have reinserted it correctly, you’ll hear a slight click sound.
  • Carry out the same procedure for the float valve. It is best not to tamper with the adjusting mechanism.
  • Tighten the o-ring to connect the water hose to the float valve. It does not require a strong crank, as previously stated.
  • Insert the bracket mechanism of the syphon through the siphon’s “eyes.” Check to see whether it is working.
  • Place the debris plate in place.
  • Install the locating plate for the push button. Bolts or fasteners are used to secure it in place.
  • The flushing rods should be installed now. Make sure you hear the click and test the rods’ system.
  • Attach the panel to the push button.


Plumbing Tip for the Toilet

For any DIY plumbing enthusiasts out there, here are some more must-know tips:

  • Examine your inlet valve to see whether it’s clogged. If yes, then it needs an immediate replacement.
  • Water is conserved with dual flush toilets. They also help you save money on bills.
  • Use a small amount of dishwashing liquid to help the pipes fit better.
  • Please go through the detailed instructions that came with your toilet system before using it. You’ll save time and avoid technological problems this way.


  • To get to your hidden toilet cistern, follow the dismantling instructions carefully.
  • You don’t have to be a plumbing expert to keep your system running well.
  • To avoid problems like leaks and spills, always put everything back together in the exact order.

Find an experienced plumber to help you out if you ever feel exhausted and unsure of your activities!

10 Steps to Access a Concealed Toilet Cistern | Easier to Maintain

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