Toilet Flushing mechanisms

 T1202 deeply buried fill valve

1. Height optional from 8″ to 12″……..

2. One piece float cup,saving space…..

3. Water lever adjustable by moving the rod up and down……

4. It ensures water in and out steadly and won’t get struck…….

5. Refill rate is optional……

6. Prevent water from flowing backwards……..

7. G1/2″(T1202B) thread which could be switched to G3/8″(T1202A) or 15/16″(T1202C) by adapter…

8. Inside filter(two optional) keeps impurity out of valve and easy to clear.

9. height adaptor 1T1101.B is optional…….

T0102 single flush valve

1. Plastic chain

2. PVC flapper free from leaking

3. Single control for one piece toilet and two piece toilet(T0102FG1)

4. Button bracket if necessory.

5. Chain also available in stainless steel

6. Any height of overflow pipe are available

T2101 push button 38mm

T3300330 toilet rubber gasket

T3101 connecting bolts


Toilet fill valve + Toilet flush valve+Button

Fixing tool(gasket and fixing bolt) included

Full combination of toilet tank fittings


Suitable for bottom mounted tank

Optional for one piece toilet and for two pieces toilets.


                                   Other cistern mechanism style

T1101fill valve_T0202L flush valve

cistern mechanism T1101fill valve_T0202L flush valve.jpg


T1302 fill valve+T0208 flush valve


cistern mechanism T1302 fill valve+T0208 flush valve.jpg


T1202 fill valve+T0211 flush valve

inlet mechanism T 1202 fill valve+T0211 flush valve.jpg


T1202 fill valve+TT0108 flush valve


Toilet cistern mechanism T1202 fill valve+TT0108 flush valve.jpg


T1102 fill valve + T0213 flush valve


T1102 fill valve + T0213 flush valve.jpg


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water pressure

3~150 p.s.i(0.2~10 bar)

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